Welcome to FIBER TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED. Fiber Technologies Uganda Limited was founded to provide comprehensive Fiber Optics Consultancy, Training plus Deployment and construction management to the public and private sector.

With our network of resourceful partnerships that comprise of FIBERDK plus fiber optics technology consulting firms and manufacturers we will continuously offer you fiber optics consulting, training and deployment services based on the current and future industry demands and trends. We seek to work with developers, Government, Telecoms, installers, contractors, Utility companies to�design and build well planned and highly efficient fiber-based networks to meet the needs of their corporate, commercial and residential subscribers.

Fiber Technologies (Uganda) Ltd has formed an alliance with FIBERDK a Danish training and consulting firm to create turn-key FTTH network solutions. The alliance provides end-to-end system integration support as well as consulting services and solutions to help build local technician workforce to develop or build high efficient and well planned fiber-based networks. The Alliance also enables Fiber Technologies (Uganda) Ltd access to international training and certification accreditation by professional associations such as Fiber Optics Association, Electronics Technicians Association and information on the industry�s development trends as discussed and set by various councils such as the Fiber to the Home Council, Europe and North America, North Africa.

(Above; Michael Kafuuma undertaking CFOT Traininng & Certification)
et Fiber Technologies Ltd be your full service licensed contractor for system installation and maintenance.

- We Provide passive optical installation as well as fiber splicing, termination and testing.

- We are Committed to providing the service that you need and guarantee accurate results that will certify your system or your technicians to ensure industry compliance.

Available Services
•     Installation •     Passive Component Installation •     Fusion Splicing •     Fiber Termination •     System Testing •     System Documentation •     Maintenance •     System Testing and Cleaning •     System Documentation and Trouble Reports •     Accurately Pinpoint Trouble for Repair •     System Repair (May require separate quotation) •     Consulting •     System Design •     Bill of Materials •     Link Loss Budgets and OTDR Testing •     Test Results and Documentation
•     Post Training Field Guidance Program

PRESS RELEASE : OFS OPTICS - Fiber Optics Training Workshop, 15th Jan 2014.
Workshop objectives; Review of Long haul fibers, and proper budgeting techniques, Passive Optical Network (PON) standards, system components, design parameters and benchmarks.This training will also provide an in-depth coverage of the major developments in wide-band, optical cross connect, and waveguide type devices that lay the foundation for next-generation networks. Click here for more Information.
OFS FITEL , OFS is a world leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of optical fiber, optical fiber cable, optical connectivity and specialty photonics products for a wide variety of applications and industries.


Click here to download the July 2022 training postcard

Above; Mr Ian Gordon Fudge conducting CFOT classes, July 2022,
Kampala - Uganda

Fiber Technologies Ltd in partnership with FiberDK  offers FOA approved Fiber Optics Network Certification Courses. We offer 4 individual courses that teach the necessary skills to build, test, troubleshoot, install and repair fiber optic networks and prepares the student to take and acquire the following certifications; 

(CFOT). This course is designed for anyone interested in becoming a Certified Fiber Optic Technician The course combines theory and hands-on activities;Duration; 5 days

CFOS/T - Certified Fiber Optic Specialist, Testing - is the FOA certification for technicians testing fiber optic cable plants and communications systems; Duration 5 days

CFOS/O – Certified Fiber Optic Specialist in Outside Plant (OSP) Cabling Course;Duration 5 days

CFOS/D – Certified Fiber Optic Specialist, Design - is the FOA certification for designers of fiber optic communications systems. This is a specialist application
Duration 5 days

FiberDK, our training partner, is also a certified and approved  training partner for the following brands.
Anritsu Approved Training Partner; Certified Assmann trainer; Certified Ericsson fiber trainer; Certified Condux trainer; Certified Emtelle fiber trainer
Certified EXFO trainer; Certified FlukeNetworks trainer; Certified Prysmiangroup trainer; Certified KEYFIBRE fibre trainer; Certified 3M fiber trainer; Certified OFS; FTTH trainer; Certified VeEX trainer; Viavi fiber sensei; FOA certified fiber optic trainer

October Training (CFOT)

Click Here to Download the July 2023 Training Registration Form

The July 2023 training & Certification Courses are Conducted by FiberDK, a Danish Consulting and Training Firm,  C/o Ian Gordon Fudge, a Master Instructor at Fiber Optics Association, School #733, web-page (http://www.fiberdk.dk)

Ian Gordon Fudge is  Member of the Fiber to the Home Council – Europe (FTTH-Europe), he is also a Technical committee Member for the Fiber to the Home Council Middle East and North Africa (FTTH- MENA).

For registration information, kindly email us at info@fiber-technologies.com
or whatsapp (+256 776 696384)

The Alliance has enabled Fiber Technologies (Uganda) Ltd, to proudly access carrier progression training and exposure to Fiber Optics Manufacturing companies, such as OFS and Draka which help us keep track of current and future Fiber Optics Technology industry developments in the world.


  • - Data and Telephony cabling - Electrical cabling - Server room construction - Ancillary power solutions - Wireless area networks (WAP's)
  • - Local Area Network (LAN) Design and Implementation - VoIP Design and Implementation - Maintenance and Service Level Agreements (SLA's)
  • - Consulting.

We also offer a full-service portfolio for solar projects of all scales including: procurement, engineering, project development, finance and construction


We are also involved in paving, utility construction, road and bridge building/maintenance, blasting, and the supply of related goods and services mainly in areas where we deploy fiber infrastructure.


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The CNC cutting service is conducted in modern workshops equipped with state-of-the-art tools. Large machinery with 3×2 metres bed lets our skilled team process sizeable pieces of wood, metal sheets or acrylic materials relatively easily and quickly. As a result, we are able to complete every project on time with respect to the best quality and accuracy of work.

Our team is at your disposal throughout the process, starting from uploading a drawing, through the production phase, until the products are collected or delivered to you. We are also open to discussion prior to the start of the cooperation to precisely establish your expectations towards us.
For More Info send mail to; lusiba@fiber-technologies.com
or visit www.technologysupportcentre.net




Local Partners

Technology Support Centre - The Innovation Lab.

The Innnovation Lab, is an Open Workshop, Whether your interests lie in Advanced Telecom Infrastructure Development, Fiber Optics, Networking, wood work, machined crafts, ceramics or robotics, whether you consider yourself an amateur or professional; explore our services to discover the endless possibilities of our machines, IT infrastructre and talented / skilled workforce.

The Innovations Lab is the number one centre of excellence in value addition,  training, research and community outreach services offering practical and market oriented services and industrial training for the sectors it serves.
More details; www.technologysupportcentre.net


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